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The Adlard Coles Book of Maintenance and Repair For Diesel Engine

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TROUBLE-FREE CRUISING is every sailor’s dream. So, to ensure that your holiday is not marred by mechanical glitches, make sure that your engine is well maintained. Many of the maintenance jobs are very quick and easy and, if done regularly, may save you trouble at sea.

It explains, in simple terms, how your boat’s engine works and gives guidance on how to maintain and repair it.

Some of the jobs will need technical knowledge and ability, and special equipment, but the majority of tasks covered in the worksheets are within the ability of most boatowners who are interested in their engines and want to maintain engine performance without having to become an expert.

All these tasks, whether for maintenance or repair, are explained with precise illustrations which show the steps for each procedure. They are coded as either simple, technical or complex, depending on the level of skill and experience needed.

This book is divided into four parts. The first part covers engine theory in detail. In the second part, worksheets and checklists will help you to maintain your engine efficiently. The third part reviews the most common causes of engine breakdowns. A troubleshooting list will help you to diagnose and fix them. Finally, the fourth part reviews the different steps to follow for one of the most important maintenance routines: winterising. Using the same step-by-step procedures as the worksheets, this section will show you how to lay up your engine to keep it in good condition throughout the winter.

1. Introduction
2. Theory
3. Maintenance
4. Repairs
5. Breakdowns
6. Winterising

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"Jean Luc Pallas"

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