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The Chemistry Maths Book (2nd Edition)

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This book describes the mathematics required for the full range of topics that make up a university degree course in chemistry. It has been designed as a textbook for courses in ‘mathematics for chemists’.

The subject is developed in a logical and consistent way with few assumptions made of prior knowledge of mathematics. The material is organized in three largely independent parts: Chapters 1 to 15 on algebra, the calculus, differential equations, and expansions in series; Chapters 16 to 19 on vectors, determinants, and matrices; Chapters 20 and 21 are introductions to the big topics of numerical analysis and statistics.

A feature of the book is the extensive use of examples to illustrate every important concept and method in the text. Some of these examples have also been used to demonstrate applications of the mathematics in chemistry and several basic concepts in physics. The exercises at the end of each chapter are an essential element of the development of the subject, and have been designed to give the student a working understanding of the material in the text. The text is accompanied by a ‘footnote history’ of mathematics.

1. Numbers, variables, and units
2. Algebraic functions
3. Transcendental functions
4. Differentiatio
5. Integration
6. Methods of integration
7. Sequences and series
8. Complex numbers
9. Functions of several variables
10. Functions in 3 dimensions
11. First-order differential equations
12. Second-order differential equations. Constant coefficients
13. Second-order differential equations. Some special functions
14. Partial differential equations
15. Orthogonal expansions. Fourier analysis
16. Vectors
17. Determinants
18. Matrices and linear transformations
19. The matrix eigenvalue problem
20. Numerical methods
21. Probability and statistics
Appendix. Standard integrals
Solutions to exercises

Author Details
"Erich Steiner"
University of Exeter

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