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The Engineering Design of Systems Models and Methods (2nd Edition)

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This book is meant to be a basic text for courses in the engineering design of systems at both the upper division undergraduate and beginning graduate levels. The book is the product of many years of consulting on numerous portions of the system development process, research into the use of systems engineering in industry, and six years developing a course on the engineering design of systems. During the development of this book, I found that many engineers did not understand systems engineering. Even those that do may not have a good perspective on a complete and unified process for engineering a system. The desire to suppress the number of decisions being made during design is quite strong in most engineers. While engineers have learned modeling throughout their academic life, and most have developed models during the practice of engineering, very few engineers working on systems are knowledgeable of the modeling techniques required in systems engineering. In addition, most engineers are not aware of methods for using models during the systems engineering process.

Part 1: Introduction, Overview, and Basic Knowledge
Chapter 1: Introduction to Systems Engineering
Chapter 2: Overview of the Systems Engineering Design Process
Chapter 3: Modeling and SysML Modeling
Chapter 4: Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Relations, and Functions
Chapter 5: Graphs and Directed Graphs (Digraphs)
Part 2: Design and Integration
Chapter 6: Requirements and Defining the Design Problem
Chapter 7: Functional Architecture Development
Chapter 8: Physical Architecture Development
Chapter 9: Allocated Architecture Development
Chapter 10: Interface Design
Chapter 11: Integration and Qualification
Part 3: Supplemental Topics
Chapter 12: Graphical Modeling Techniques
Chapter 13: Decision Analysis for Design Trades
Appendix A: Outline of Systems Engineering Documents
Appendix B: IDEF0 Model of the Engineering of a System
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