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The Welding of Aluminium and Its Alloys (Free PDF)

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Engineering is not an exact science and, of the many disciplines within engineering, welding is probably one of the most inexact – rather more of an art than a science. Much of the decision-making is based on experience and a ‘gut feel’ for what is or is not acceptable. When the difficulties of shop floor or site control are taken into account and the occasional vagaries of the welder and the sometimes inadequate knowledge of supervisory staff are added, the problems of the practising shop floor engineer can appear overwhelming. I hope that some of this uncertainty can be dispelled in this book, which is aimed at those engineers with little or no knowledge of metallurgy and perhaps only the briefest acquaintance with the welding processes. It does not purport to be a metallurgical or processes textbook and I make no apology for this. Having lectured fairly extensively on welding technology, I have come to realise that most engineers think of metals as being composed of a large number of small billiard balls held together by some form of glue. I have attempted to describe the metallurgical aspects of the aluminium alloys in these terms. I have therefore kept the contents descriptive and qualitative and have avoided the use of mathematical expressions to describe the effects of welding.

1. Introduction to the welding of aluminium
2. Welding metallurgy
3. Material standards, designations and alloys
4. Preparation for welding
5. Welding design
6. TIG welding
7. MIG welding
8. Other welding processes
9. Resistance welding processes
10. Welding procedure and welder approval
11. Weld defects and quality control
Appendix A British and ISO standards related to welding and aluminium
Appendix B Physical, mechanical and chemical properties at 20°C
Appendix C Principal alloy designations: cast products
Appendix D Alloy designations: wrought products

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"Gene Mathers"

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