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Thinking in Java: 2nd Edition (Free PDF)

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We’ll have microbes designed to make food, fuel, and plastic; they’ll clean up pollution and in general allow us to master the manipulation of the physical world for a fraction of what it costs now. I claimed that it would make the computer revolution look small in comparison.

Then I realized I was making a mistake common to science fiction writers: getting lost in the technology (which is of course easy to do in science fiction). An experienced writer knows that the story is never about the things; it’s about the people. Genetics will have a very large impact on our lives, but I’m not so sure it will dwarf the computer revolution (which enables the genetic revolution)—or at least the information revolution. Information is about talking to each other: yes, cars and shoes and especially genetic cures are important, but in the end those are just trappings. What truly matters is how we relate to the world. And so much of that is about communication.

This book is a case in point. A majority of folks thought I was very bold or a little crazy to put the entire thing up on the Web. “Why would anyone buy it?” they asked. If I had been of a more conservative nature I wouldn’t have done it, but I really didn’t want to write another computer book in the same old way. I didn’t know what would happen but it turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done with a book.

1: Introduction to Objects
2: Everything is an Object
3: Controlling Program Flow
4: Initialization & Cleanup
5: Hiding the Implementation
6: Reusing Classes
7: Polymorphism
8: Interfaces & Inner Classes
9: Holding Your Objects
10: Error Handling with Exceptions
11: The Java I/O System
12: Run-time Type Identification
13: Creating Windows & Applets
14: Multiple Threads
15: Distributed Computing
A: Passing & Returning Objects
B: The Java Native Interface (JNI)
C: Java Programming Guidelines
D: Resources

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"Bruce Eckel"

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