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Welding and Metal Fabrication (Free PDF)

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For many welding jobs it can be as important to be able to lay out and fit up the weldment as it is to be able to weld it. This textbook, therefore, combines the skills of measuring, cutting, shaping, fitting, welding, and finishing.

The cover photo of Welding and Metal Fabrication was taken of me in my hangar as I was making a GTA weld on tubing. Aircraft tubing is used to make a number of parts for an aircraft, including the engine mount. Today, many lightsport aircraft, like this KitFox, can be built and flown by individuals.

All of the welding equipment required to build a homebuilt light-sport aircraft is shown in the cover photo. With some hand tools, a few power tools, and the welding and fabrication skills taught in this book, you too could build your own aircraft. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom one experiences as the pilot of your own plane.

Whether you build your own aircraft or you build anything else, there is a sense of accomplishment and a great feeling of pride in being able to point at something and say, “I made that.” Over 30 years ago, I owned a welding company that made agricultural equipment, and I still look at farm equipment as I drive through the countryside to see if one of my units is out there in the field. Recently, my niece was in a volleyball playoff. It was being held in an empty warehouse that had been converted into a gym. I proudly told my wife, “I made the ramp for cars and light trucks at the loading dock on this building.” I had made it over 20 years ago, and it was still there and being used to drive into the warehouse.

Features of the Text
About the Author
CHAPTER 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 2: Welding Safety
CHAPTER 3: Shop Math
CHAPTER 4: Reading Technical Drawings
CHAPTER 5: Welding Joint Design, Welding Symbols
CHAPTER 6: Fabricating Techniques and Practices
CHAPTER 7: Welding Shop Practices
CHAPTER 8: Shielded Metal Arc Equipment, Setup, and Operation
CHAPTER 9: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Plate
CHAPTER 10: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pipe
CHAPTER 11: Gas Metal Arc Welding Equipment and Materials
CHAPTER 12: Gas Metal Arc Welding
CHAPTER 13: Flux Cored Arc Welding Equipment and Materials
CHAPTER 14: Flux Cored Arc Welding
CHAPTER 15: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Equipment and Materials
CHAPTER 16: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
CHAPTER 17: Oxyfuel Welding and Cutting Equipment, Setup, and Operation
CHAPTER 18: Oxyacetylene Welding
CHAPTER 19: Soldering, Brazing, and Braze Welding Processes
CHAPTER 20: Soldering and Brazing
CHAPTER 21: Oxyacetylene Cutting
CHAPTER 23: Arc Cutting, Gouging, and Related Cutting Processes
CHAPTER 24: Other Welding Processes
CHAPTER 25: Welding Automation and Robotics
CHAPTER 26: Filler Metal Selection
CHAPTER 27: Welding Metallurgy
CHAPTER 29: Welder Certification
CHAPTER 30: Testing and Inspecting Welds

Author Details
"Larry Jeffus"

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