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Welding For Dummies (Free PDF)

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Welding For Dummies helps you understand the basics of how welding works and lets you begin practicing several of the most prominent and useful welding techniques. I walk you through the fundamentals that hold true for all types of welding, and I dig into the details of specific welding processes — stick, mig, tig, and more — to show you how to practice those skills in a safe, productive way. Don’t worry; I don’t have you welding the Statue of Liberty’s torch back onto her hand or anything, but I do hope this book puts you well on your way to achieving the welding goals you’ve set for yourself.

One of my favorite aspects of Welding For Dummies is that you can move around within it however you want and still end up with a huge amount of welding knowledge. You may initially be interested in one welding process but quickly discover you should be reading about a totally different process, and that’s okay — you can jump to that other discussion without worrying that you’ve missed something important. Just beware of paper cuts from flipping back and forth between chapters.

Part I: Understanding Welding Basics
Chapter 1: Diving Into the World of Welding
Chapter 2: Considering Commonly Welded Metals
Chapter 3: Setting Your Sights on Welding Safety
Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Welding Shop
Part II: Welding on a Budget: Stick and Tig Welding
Chapter 5: Getting on the Stick: Understanding Stick Welding
Chapter 6: Getting to Work with Stick Welding
Chapter 7: To Tig or Not To Tig: Understanding Tig Welding
Chapter 8: Trying Out Tig Welding
Part III: Discovering Mig Welding
Chapter 9: Understanding the ABCs of Mig Welding
Chapter 10: Practicing Mig Welding
Part IV: Getting Fancy: Plasma Cutting, Oxyfuel Cutting, and Other Processes
Chapter 11: Examining Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting
Chapter 12: Ready, Set, Cut! Trying Out Plasma Arc Cutting and Oxyfuel Cutting
Chapter 13: Exploring Special Weld Processes
Chapter 14: Exploring Pipe Welding
Chapter 15: Working with Cast Iron
Part V: Putting Welding into Action with Projects and Repairs
Chapter 16: Two Welding Projects to Boost Your Welding Shop
Chapter 17: Constructing a Campfi re Grill
Chapter 18: Fixin’ to Fix Things: Analyzing and Planning
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 19: Ten Tools Every Welder Wants
Chapter 20: (Not Quite) Ten Advantages of Being a Certifi ed Welder
Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Welding Defects
Chapter 22: Ten Signs You’re Welding Correctly
Chapter 23: Ten Maintenance Tips for Your Welding Equipment and Shop

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"Steven Robert Farnsworth"

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