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Welding Symbols on Drawings (Free PDF)

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This book is an updated version of Weld symbols on drawings published in 1982. It describes the application of weld symbols in British/European Standard BS EN 22553, International Standard ISO 2553 and American Standard ANSI/AWS A2.4-98.

References to ISO 2553: 1993 and ANSI/AWS A2.4-98 have been shortened, for convenience, to ISO and AWS where the full reference is not of primary concern and the context makes the abbreviated reference clear. The BS EN 22553 Standard is identical to ISO 2553 so any reference to the ISO standard applies equally to the British standard.

Only the representation of a given weld on a drawing is covered in this book. This does not include the design of the welded joint. The drawings are not necessarily to scale and the weld shapes shown are for the purpose of illustration only and do not represent recommended practice.

Standards referred to in this book
Terms and definitions
1. The need to specify welds
2. The advantages of symbols
3. Welding symbols
4. Welding symbols 2
5. Welding symbols 3
6. Location of symbols 1
7. Location of symbols 2
8. Supplementary symbols
9. Dimensions 1
10. Dimensions 2
11. Dimensions 3
12. Spot and seam welds
13. Stud welds 37
14. Surfacing
15. Process identification 40
16. Non-destructive testing symbols – AWS 42
17. Exercises

Author Details
"E. N. Gregory"
"A. A. Armstrong"

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