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Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management (2nd Edition)

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Our objective in writing this book is modest. We seek to provide a text that can be used in both undergraduate and graduate level courses in wildlife management and conservation. Conservation is becoming an increasingly important component in the management of animal populations and their habitats. We have recognized this development by including conservation in the new name for the text.

New quantitative methods, developed over the last 10 years, are now so fundamental to management that we have included them at the most basic levels. In addition, several chapters in the book will be useful to practicing wildlife managers. For example, we have included modern approaches to censusing, the use of age- and stage-structured data in demography studies, and the use of models as efficient methods for making decisions. We emphasize, in the last chapter, that all wildlife problems have to be addressed in the context of the whole ecosystem, and cannot be solved in isolation of other species and environments.

1. Introduction: goals and decisions
Part 1: Wildlife ecology
2. Biomes
3. Animals as individuals
4. Food and nutrition
5. The ecology of behavior
6. Population growth
7. Dispersal, dispersion, and distribution
8. Population regulation, fluctuation, and competition within species
9. Competition and facilitation between species
10. Predation
11. Parasites and pathogens
12. Consumer–resource dynamics
Part 2: Wildlife conservation and management
13. Counting animals
14. Age and stage structure
15. Model evaluation and adaptive management
16. Experimental management
17. Conservation in theory
18. Conservation in practice
19. Wildlife harvesting
20. Wildlife control
21. Ecosystem management and conservation

Author Details
"Anthony R.E. Sinclair" PhD, FRS Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

"John M. Fryxell" PhD Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

"Graeme Caughley" PhD CSIRO, Canberra, Australia

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