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4G Wirless Video Communications (Free PDF)

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This book is one of the first books to discuss the video processing and communications technology over 4G wireless systems and networks. The motivations of writing this book can be traced back to year 2004, when Haohong Wang attended IEEE ICCCN’04 conference at Chicago. During the conference banquet, Prof. Mohsen Guizani, the Editor-in-Chief of Wiley journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (WCMC), invited him to edit a special Issue for WCMC with one of the hot topics in multimedia communications area. At that time, 4G wireless systems were just in very early stage of planning, but many advanced interactive multimedia applications, such as video telephony, hand-held games, and mobile TV, have been widely known in struggling with significant constraints in data rate, spectral efficiency, and battery limitations of the existing wireless channel conditions. “It might be an interesting topic to investigate the video processing, coding and transmission issues for the forthcoming 4G wireless systems”, Haohong checked with Lisimachos Kondi then at SUNY Buffalo and Ajay Luthra at Motorola, both of them were very excited at this idea and willing to participate, then they wrote to around 50 world-class scientists in the field, like Robert Gray (Stanford), Sanjit Mitra (USC), Aggelos Katsaggelos (Northwestern), Ya-Qin Zhang (Microsoft), and so on, to exchange ideas and confirm their visions, the answers were surprisingly and unanimously positive! The large volume paper submissions for the special Issue later also confirms this insightful decision, it is amazing that so many authors are willing to contribute to this Issue with their advanced research results, finally eight papers were selected to cover four major areas: video source coding, video streaming, video delivery over wireless, and cross-layer optimized resource allocation, and the special Issue was published in Feb. 2007.

About the Authors
About the Series Editors
1. Introduction
2. Wireless Communications and Networking
3. Video Coding and Communications
4. 4G Wireless Communications and Networking
5. Advanced Video Coding (AVC)/H.264 Standard
6. Content Analysis for Communications
7. Video Error Resilience and Error Concealment
8. Cross-Layer Optimized Video Delivery over 4G Wireless Networks
9. Content-based Video Communications
10. AVC/H.264 Application – Digital TV
11. Interactive Video Communications
12. Wireless Video Streaming

Author Details
"Haohong Wang"
Marvell Semiconductors, USA

"Lisimachos P. Kondi"
University of Ioannina, Greece

"Ajay Luthra"
Motorola, USA

"Song Ci"
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

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