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Absolute FreeBSD: The Complete Guide To FreeBSD (2nd Edition)

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Welcome to Absolute FreeBSD! This book is a one-stop shop for system administrators who want to build, configure, and manage FreeBSD servers. It will also be useful for those folks who want to run FreeBSD on their desktops, servers, diskless system farms, and so on. By the time you finish this book, you should be able to use FreeBSD to provide network services. You should also understand how to manage, patch, and maintain your FreeBSD systems and have a basic understanding of networking, system security, and software management. We’ll discuss FreeBSD version 7, which is the version recommended for production use at the time this book is being released; however, most of this book applies to earlier and later versions as well.

Foreword by Robert N.M. Watson
Chapter 1: Getting More Help
Chapter 2: Installing FreeBSD
Chapter 3: Start Me Up! The Boot Process
Chapter 4: Read This Before You Break Something Else! (Backup and Recovery)
Chapter 5: Kernel Games
Chapter 6: The Network
Chapter 7: Securing Your System
Chapter 8: Disks and Filesystems
Chapter 9: Advanced Security Features
Chapter 10: Exploring /etc
Chapter 11: Making Your System Useful
Chapter 12: Advanced Software Management
Chapter 13: Upgrading FreeBSD
Chapter 14: The Internet Road Map: DNS
Chapter 15: Small System Services
Chapter 16: Spam, Worms, and Viruses (Plus Email, If You Insist)
Chapter 17: Web and FTP Services
Chapter 18: Disk Tricks with GEOM
Chapter 19: System Performance and Monitoring
Chapter 20: The Fringe of FreeBSD
Chapter 21: System (and Sysadmin) Panics and Crashes
Appendix: Some Interesting sysctl MIBs

Author Details
"Michael W. Lucas"

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