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Acceptance and Mindfulness in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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"One of the most fruitful aspects of the encounter between classical Buddhist knowledge and modern science has been the emergence of new therapeutic and educational approaches that integrate contemplative practice, such as mindfulness, and contemporary psychology methods, such as those of cognitive therapy. The systematic approach of this book, wherein the insights of both classical Buddhist and contemporary psychology are integrated, represents a most beneficial and powerful method of ensuring a healthy mind and heart."

"What has been missing in the midst of partisan battles between orthodox CBT therapists and enthusiastic proponents of newer acceptance/mindfulness approaches is a reasoned, scientifically grounded discourse that would help researchers and clinicians alike sort through the various claims and counterclaims. This book, skillfully conceived and edited by James Herbert and Evan Forman, provides just such a sober and open-minded appraisal of a trend that has sometimes suffered both from too much hype from one side and too sweeping a rejection by the other. This volume encourages careful consideration of both positions and can advance evidence-based psychosocial therapy both conceptually and procedurally to the benefit of all."

Foreword Gerald C. Davison, PhD
Part I: New Developments in the Behavior Therapy Tradition: Perspectives on Mindfulness and Psychological Acceptance
1. The Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Th e Rise of Psychological Acceptance and Mindfulness
2. Cognitive Therapy
3. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
4. Metacognitive Therapy
5. Emotional Schema Therapy: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
6. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
7. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
8. Behavioral Activation in the Context of “Third Wave” Therapies
9. Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy: An Acceptance-Based Approach to Improving Relationship Functioning
10. Understanding Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Context: A History of Similarities and Differences With Other Cognitive Behavior Therapies
Part II: Integration and Synthesis
11. Mindfulness and Acceptance: The Perspective of Cognitive Therapy
12. Mindfulness and Acceptance: The Perspective of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
13. Mindfulness and Acceptance in Cognitive Behavior Therapy: What’s New?
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"James D. Herbert"

"Evan M. Forman"

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