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Account-Based Marketing For Dummies (Free PDF)

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This book exists to help you understand this new trend called account-based marketing. Whether you are new to the world of B2B marketing, work as a salesperson for a B2B organization, or you’re an experienced CMO, having a strong understanding of account-based marketing is a must. The reason account-based marketing has become such a buzzword in the B2B marketing world is because it solves an issue of how to target and engage your best-fit prospects and customers at scale.

I will give you an overview and blueprint of how to do account-based marketing unlike any other publication available on the market. I’ve laid out this book to give you a foundation of B2B marketing, how account-based marketing takes your efforts to the next level utilizing readily available MarTech solutions, and increase new and existing revenue for your company.

Part 1: Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing
CHAPTER 1: Introducing the Basics of Account-Based Marketing
CHAPTER 2: Making the Case for Account-Based Marketing
CHAPTER 3: Aligning Sales and Marketing
CHAPTER 4: Selecting Tools
Part 2: Identifying Accounts for Marketing
CHAPTER 5: Targeting Your Best-Fit Accounts
CHAPTER 6: Fueling the Account-Based Marketing Engine
CHAPTER 7: Qualifying Your Target Accounts
Part 3: Expanding Contacts Into Accounts
CHAPTER 8: Reaching the Right People in Target Accounts
CHAPTER 9: Using Marketing Automation for Your Account Strategy
CHAPTER 10: Distilling the Key Roles of “Smarketing ”
Part 4: Engaging Accounts on Their Terms
CHAPTER 11: Generating Velocity for Sales
CHAPTER 12: Personalizing the Buyer’s Channel
CHAPTER 13: Developing Content for Campaigns
CHAPTER 14: Executing ABM: A Playbook
Part 5: Turning Customers Into Advocates
CHAPTER 15: Elevating the Buyer to Customer Journey
CHAPTER 16: Valuing Customer Advocacy
CHAPTER 17: Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success
Part 6: Putting It All Together
CHAPTER 18: Measuring the Success of Campaigns
CHAPTER 19: Tracking Metrics for Every Account
Part 7: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 20: Ten Reasons B2B Companies Need Account-Based Marketing
CHAPTER 21: Ten Obstacles Facing Account-Based Marketing
CHAPTER 22: Ten Account-Based Marketing Blogs to Read
CHAPTER 23: Ten ABM Thought Leaders to Follow

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"Sangram Vajre"

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