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Achieving and Sustaining Secured Business Operations (Free PDF)

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“Every security services or technology provider tells me all the things I must have. They don’t tell me what makes sense for my mission to have,” said the program manager of one of the missions at the U.S. Navy. This comment highlights the pain and the challenges that we have seen with planning and managing of security across organizations. The growing pains, bottom-up approach, lack of business ownership and accountability, and technologydriven security industry - motivated us to develop the management model and write this book. A great deal of research, frameworks, and supporting documentation are available on the topic of cybersecurity from government and semi-government entities, academic institutions, and professional organizations across the globe. Not surprisingly, most literature is grounded on governance, risk management, compliance, and operational controls. So, when we began to write, we started by asking, how do we address the concern of the program manager at the U.S. Navy and others who want the right security posture with the right cost, risk, and value.

For more than 15 years, we have been developing and using capability models to bridge the gap between business and IT, assess the current and defined desired state, understand dependencies, prioritize and develop road maps, and monitor progress. We have applied these models for digital transformation, cloud readiness, service management, business process improvements, and many other business and IT initiatives. For most of our careers, we have also been part of many client engagements, delivering infrastructure and security assessments, architecture strategies, business cases, governance, and solution designs. Based on experience across business and IT, strategy and operations, and capabilities and technologies, it was obvious we needed a capability framework.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Current Practices
Chapter 2: Next Practices: Business-Centric Security and Risk Management
Chapter 3: Secured Business Model
Chapter 4: Secured Operating Model
Chapter 5: Secured Management Model
Chapter 6: Security Effectiveness
Chapter 7: Making It Real

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"Neelesh Ajmani" has over 28 years of experience in solving critical business issues in public and private sectors with expertise in digital transformation, risk management, secured business operations, strategic planning, organizational design, agile program management, enterprise architecture and information management.

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