Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Advanced Automotive Technology: Visions of a Super-Efficient Family Car

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This report presents the results of the Office of Technology Assessment’s analysis of the prospects for developing automobiles that offer significant improvements in fuel economy and reduced emissions over the longer term (out to the year 2015). The report examines the likely costs and performance of a range of technologies and vehicle types, and the U.S. and foreign research and development programs for these technologies and vehicles (to allow completion of this study before OTA closed its doors, issues such as infrastructure development and market development--- critical to the successful commercialization of advanced vehicles-were not covered).

Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Introduction and Context
Chapter 3: Technologies for Advanced Vehicles Performance and Cost Expectations
Chapter 4: Advanced Vehicles - Technical Potential and Costs
Chapter 5: Advanced Automotive R&D Programs: An International Comparison
Appendix A. Method for Evaluating Vehicle Performance
Appendix B. Methodology: Technology Price Estimates

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