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An Introduction To LTE (2nd Edition)

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This book is about the world’s dominant 4G mobile telecommunication system, LTE. In writing the book, my aim has been to give the reader a concise, system level introduction to the technology that LTE uses. The book covers the whole of the system, both the techniques used for radio communication between the base station and the mobile phone, and the techniques used to transfer data and signalling messages across the network. I have avoided going into excessive detail, which is more appropriate for specialized treatments of individual topics and for the LTE specifications themselves. Instead, I hope that the reader will come away from this book with a sound understanding of the system and of the way in which its different components interact. The reader will then be able to tackle the more advanced books and the specifications with confidence.

List of Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. System Architecture Evolution
3. Digital Wireless Communications
4. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
5. Multiple Antenna Techniques
6. Architecture of the LTE Air Interface
7. Cell Acquisition
8. Data Transmission and Reception
9. Random Access
10. Air Interface Layer 2
11. Power-On and Power-Off Procedures
12. Security Procedures
13. Quality of Service, Policy and Charging
14. Mobility Management
15. Inter-operation with UMTS and GSM
16. Inter-operation with Non-3GPP Technologies
17. Self-Optimizing Networks
18. Enhancements in Release 9
19. LTE-Advanced and Release 10
20. Releases 11 and 12
21. Circuit Switched Fallback
22. VoLTE and the IP Multimedia Subsystem
23. Performance of LTE and LTE-Advanced

Author Details
"Christopher Cox"
Director, Chris Cox Communications Ltd, UK

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