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Android Programming Tutorials (Free PDF)

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If you come to this book after having read its companion volumes, The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development and The Busy Coder's Guide to Advanced Android Development, thanks for sticking with the series! CommonsWare aims to have the most comprehensive set of Android development resources (outside of the Open Handset Alliance itself), and we appreciate your interest.

If you come to this book having learned about Android from other sources, thanks for joining the CommonsWare community!

Welcome to the Warescription!
1. Your First Android Project
2. A Simple Form
3. A Fancier Form
4. Adding a List
5. Making Our List Be Fancy
6. Splitting the Tab
7. Menus and Messages
8. Sitting in the Background
9. Life and Times
10. A Few Good Resources
11. The Restaurant Store
12. Getting More Active
13. What's Your Preference?
14. Turn, Turn, Turn
15. Raising (Something Like) a Tweet
16. Opening a JAR
17. Listening To Your Friends
18. No, Really Listening To Your Friends
19. Your Friends Seem Remote
20. A Subtle Notification
21. Posts On Location
22. Here a Post, There a Post
23. Media
24. Browsing Some Posts
25. High-Priced Help
26. Now Your Friends Seem Animated
27. Messages From The Great Beyond
28. Contacting Our Friends
29. Android Would Like Your Attention
30. Now, Your Friends Are Alarmed
31. Searching For Food
32. Look Inside Yourself
33. A Restaurant In Your Own Home
34. More Home Cooking
35. Take a Monkey to Lunch
36. Asking Permission to Place a Call
37. Photographic Memory
38. Sensing a Disturbance
39. Getting the Word Out
40. Seeking the Proper Level
Appendix A: How To Get Started
Appendix B: Coping with Eclipse

Author Details
"Mark L. Murphy"

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