Monday, July 1, 2019

ANSI Valve Ratings, Standards & Design ASME B16.34

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This Overview attempts to provide just some of the factors to be considered when selecting and specifying ANSI rated valves. The following information provides some of the design criteria users should evaluate and research when considering ASME valve Suitability based on Materials, pressure and temperature and interpreting relevant valve standards accordingly.

This technical summary describes the design basis and standards that apply to Australian pipeline Valve (APV) ASME B16.34 (B31 codes) valves and lists pressure- temperature ratings for APV valves and strainers. Australian Pipeline Valve valves covered by ASME standards include ball, check, gate, globe & plug valves as well as strainers.

1. Design Scope
2. Design Basis
3. Process Valve Standards
4. Other Standards
5. System Requirements
6. Terminology
7. Material Stress, Strength and Safety Factors
8. Testing
9. Valve Ratings
10. Valve Selection
11. Shut Off Characteristics
12. ASME Standards Associated with Valves & Piping

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