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Ansible for DevOps: Server and Configuration Management for Humans

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Growing up, I had access to a world that not many kids ever get to enter. At the local radio stations where my dad was chief engineer, I was fortunate to get to see networks and IT infrastructure up close: Novell servers and old Mac and Windows workstations in the ’90s; Microsoft and Linux-based servers; and everything in between. Best of all, he brought home decommissioned servers and copies of Linux burned to CD.

I began working with Linux and small-scale infrastructures before I started high school, and my passion for infrastructure grew as I built a Cat5 wired network and a small rack of networking equipment for a local grade school. When I started developing full-time, what was once a hobby became a necessary part of my job, so I invested more time in managing infrastructure efficiently. Over the past ten years, I’ve gone from manually booting and configuring physical and virtual servers; to using relatively complex shell scripts to provision and configure servers; to using configuration management tools to manage many cloud-based servers.

When I began converting my infrastructure to code, some of the best tools for testing, provisioning, and managing my servers were still in their infancy, but they have since matured into fully-featured, robust tools that I use every day. Vagrant is an excellent tool for managing local virtual machines to mimic real-world infrastructure locally (or in the cloud), and Ansible — the subject of this book — is an excellent tool for provisioning servers, managing their configuration, and deploying applications, even on my local workstation!

Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Ansible
Chapter 2 - Local Infrastructure Development: Ansible and Vagrant
Chapter 3 - Ad-Hoc Commands
Chapter 4 - Ansible Playbooks
Chapter 5 - Ansible Playbooks - Beyond the Basics
Chapter 6 - Playbook Organization - Roles and Includes
Chapter 7 - Inventories
Chapter 8 - Ansible Cookbooks
Chapter 9 - Deployments with Ansible
Chapter 10 - Server Security and Ansible
Chapter 11 - Automating Your Automation - Ansible Tower and CI/CD
Appendix A - Using Ansible on Windows workstations
Appendix B - Ansible Best Practices and Conventions

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"Jeff Geerling"

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