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ASME B31.8-2012: Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems

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The ASME Code for Pressure Piping consists of many individually published sections, each an American National Standard. Hereafter, in this Introduction and in the text of this Code Section, B31.8, when the word “Code” is used without specific identification, it means this Code Section.

The Code sets forth engineering requirements deemed necessary for the safe design and construction of pressure piping. Although safety is the basic consideration, this factor alone will not necessarily govern the final specifications of any piping system. The designer is cautioned that the Code is not a design handbook; it does not eliminate the need for the designer or for competent engineering judgment.

To the greatest possible extent, Code requirements for design are stated in terms of basic design principles and formulas. These are supplemented as necessary with specific requirements to ensure uniform application of principles and to guide selection and application of piping elements. The Code prohibits designs and practices known to be unsafe and contains warnings where caution, but not prohibition, is warranted.

Committee Roster
Summary of Changes
General Provisions and Definitions
Chapter I: Materials and Equipment
Chapter II: Welding
Chapter III: Piping System Components and Fabrication Details
Chapter IV: Design, Installation, and Testing
Chapter V: Operating and Maintenance Procedures
Chapter VI: Corrosion Control
Chapter VII: Intentionally Left Blank
Chapter VIII: Offshore Gas Transmission
Chapter IX: Sour Gas Service

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