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Beginning Elastic Stack (Free PDF)

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Back in 2005 when I have started my career as a server administrator in a startup, I had just 2 servers to manage. That was an easy job with just few websites running on both the servers. However, in next few years I had more than 10 servers running with different application and services. So I had to check the logs of every server and it was like spending more than a half day every day. Slowly the number of servers increased so I have configured few scripts to send me some important log information of each server, but again in just next 1 year I had 50+ servers to manage and it was crazy checking logs and I was worried, as there were all kinds of attacks happening on the servers. It was a huge task to read logs and troubleshooting the issues for each server, all I wanted was to have a centralized log server. I googled and found Logstash, as I was learning more about Logstash I came across with Elasticsearch & Kibana as well and it was a wow moment for me.

I have configured the ELK setup and started working on it. The whole experience was amazing, I was able to configure all the service logs and application log to a centralized server and also was able to define the parameters I wanted. The setup helped me to quickly search through the logs and find out the issues. Using the plugins, I have configured alerts as well.

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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Logstash
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Elasticsearch
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Kibana
Chapter 4: Working with Remote Servers
Chapter 5: Configuring Logstash for Services and System Logs
Chapter 6: Graphite Monitoring and Graphs
Chapter 7: Configuring Elasticsearch Watcher
Chapter 8: Securing the ELK Stack with Shield
Chapter 9: Logstash Plug-ins
Chapter 10: Managing the ELK Stack with Puppet and Foreman

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"Vishal Sharma" is a developer and entrepreneur with more than ten years’ experience working with various GNU/Linux server distributions and open source tools. As well as Logstash, he enjoys exploring server and web application security, to stay ahead of hackers and spammers and protect clients’ data.

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