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Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook (Free PDF)

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In this book, we will present practical solutions to modern bioinformatics problems using Python. Our approach will be hands-on, where we will address important topics, such as next-generation sequencing, genomics, population genetics, phylogenetics, and proteomics among others. At this stage, you probably know the language reasonably well and are aware of the basic analysis methods in your field of research. You will dive directly into relevant complex computational biology problems and learn how to tackle them with Python. This is not your first Python book or your first biology lesson; this is where you will find reliable and pragmatic solutions to realistic and complex problems.

Chapter 1: Python and the Surrounding Software Ecology
Chapter 2: Next-generation Sequencing
Chapter 3: Working with Genomes
Chapter 4: Population Genetics
Chapter 5: Population Genetics Simulation
Chapter 6: Phylogenetics
Chapter 7: Using the Protein Data Bank
Chapter 8: Other Topics in Bioinformatics
Chapter 9: Python for Big Genomics Datasets

Author Details
"Tiago Antao" is a bioinformatician. He is currently studying the genomics of the mosquito Anopheles gambiae, the main vector of malaria. Tiago was originally a computer scientist who crossed over to computational biology with an MSc in bioinformatics from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal.

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