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Build, Run, and Sell Your Apple Consulting Practice

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I have worked in consulting most of my adult life. I worked with large, multinational consulting firms, started consulting firms, worked to sell firms, and helped to develop offerings and business in both large and small firms. I’ve worked hourly, on retainers, and even converted customers from an hourly consulting firm to managed services. Along the way, I learned a lot. And then I took a day job. There, I took some time away from consulting and later had the chance to work with and enable the Apple services arm of some of the largest consulting firms and managed services providers in the world. And along the way, I don’t think I’ve learned a damn thing… But I just can’t help myself but to write a whole book about it anyway!

Going from a small hourly based consulting firm to starting a managed service offering and then working within enterprise-class environments gave me a new perspective on being a traditional consulting firm and a Managed Services Provider, of the ways that business blends together. And mentoring former competitors has enlightened me to the challenges that others have that I didn’t and challenges I had that they didn’t. I certainly can’t speak to the iterations that guarantee success; but I hope this book helps you choose whether or not to take such a journey, along the path, and ultimately, to find success.

In this book, we’ll look at a number of scenarios that give readers insight into how to deal with some of the most common challenges they’ll face while starting a consulting company. Some of these can be applied generally; others, are specific to managed services.

About the Author
First, Let Me Talk You Out of This
Chapter 0: The Joy of Being a Sole Proprietor
Chapter 1: Build the Offer
Chapter 2: Beyond Services
Chapter 3: Hiring and Human Resources
Chapter 4: Accounting
Chapter 5: Buy Software to Automate the Business
Chapter 6: Make Friends: Develop Partnerships
Chapter 7: Engage in Free and Guerrilla Marketing
Chapter 8: Using Public Relations
Chapter 9: Advertising
Chapter 10: The Art of Selling
Chapter 11: Diversifying Your Portfolio
Chapter 12: When to Stop Growing
Chapter 13: Sell the Company
Chapter 14: The Part-Time Owner
Chapter 15: Buying Companies
Chapter 16: Running a Consulting Practice Inside a Larger Company
Appendix A: Getting into a Rhythm
Appendix B: Common Apple Terms
Appendix C: Sample Managed Services Agreement
Appendix D: Using Trendlines In Microsoft Excel
Appendix E: Common Job Titles
Appendix F: Device Scorecard
Appendix G: Additional Reading 

Author Details
"Charles Edge"

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