Saturday, July 6, 2019

Business Mathematics and Statistics (6th Edition)

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The general aim of the book is to give a thorough grounding in basic Mathematical and Statistical techniques to students of Business and Professional studies. No prior knowledge of the subject area is assumed.

Chapters in the book should be studied in the order that they occur.

After studying each section in a chapter, the Summaries and Points to Note should be checked through. The Student Self Review Questions, which are cross-referenced to appropriate sections, should first be attempted unaided, before checking the answers with the text. Finally the Student Exercises should be worked through and the answers obtained checked with those given at the end of the book.

Part 1: Data and their presentation
Part 2: Statistical measures
Part 3: Regression and correlation
Part 4: Time series analysis
Part 5: Index numbers
Part 6: Compounding, discounting and annuities
Part 7: Business equations and graphs
Part 8: Probability
Part 9: Further probability
Part 10: Specialised business applications
Answers to student exercises
Answers to examination questions

Author Details
"Andre Francis" BSc MSc

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