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Children’s Mathematics: Making Marks, Making Meaning (2nd Edition)

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In England over the last five years there has been some important government documentation. This has opened up tight and less flexible initiatives such as the National Literacy (DfEE, 1998) and Numeracy (DfEE, 1999) frameworks. In 2000 the introduction of the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (QCA, 2000) clearly opened the way for more child-centred approaches and highlighted a play based curriculum. More importantly there was a move away from a subject based curriculum to the recognition that each subject was intertwined and therefore interdependent on the other. This holistic approach was further emphasised in the document Excellence and Enjoyment: a Strategy for Primary Schools (DfES, 2004c) in which it was stated that the numeracy and literacy frameworks were not statutory and that teachers should work flexibly within a broader curriculum. Schools were asked to ‘take control of the curriculum, and be innovative’ (p. 16). At the same time the national assessment procedures for Key Stage One were gradually moving more to teacher assessment in evaluating children’s attainment, thus recognising the teacher’s professional expertise and the knowledge she had of the children in her class.

About the Authors
Foreword by John Matthews
Foreword by Chris Athey
1. Who takes notice of children’s own ‘written’ mathematics?
2. Making marks, making meaning
3. Mathematical schemas
4. Early writing, early mathematics
5. Bridging the gap between home and school mathematics
6. Making sense of children’s mathematical graphics
7. Understanding children’s developing calculations
8. Environments that support children’s mathematical graphics
9. Case studies from early childhood settings
10. Developing children’s written methods
11. Involving parents and families
12. Children, teachers and possibilities
Appendix: our research
Author Index
Subject Index

Author Details
"Elizabeth Carruthers"
"Maulfry Worthington"

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