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Citrix XenApp 7.5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions (Free PDF)

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Designing Citrix XenApp 7.5 as the basis for a desktop virtualization solution requires extensive planning. There are numerous options and scenarios to consider. Taking the time to properly plan and then execute is key to any successful deployment.

This book covers how to use Citrix XenApp 7.5 for desktop virtualization solutions. XenApp can be classified as both application virtualization as well as desktop virtualization. When using XenApp, you can provide end user access to select applications or an entire virtual desktop. Providing a virtual desktop with XenApp is also known as using the Hosted Shared Desktop (HSD) model. This means that multiple users can share the same desktop with common resources as opposed to a dedicated desktop.

Chapter 1: Planning Desktop Virtualization
Chapter 2: Defining Your Desktop Virtualization Environment
Chapter 3: Designing Your Infrastructure
Chapter 4: Designing Your Access Layer
Chapter 5: Designing Your Application Delivery Layer
Chapter 6: Designing Your Virtual Image Delivery
Chapter 7: Designing Your Supporting Infrastructure Components
Chapter 8: Optimizing Your XenApp Solution
Chapter 9: Implementing Your XenApp Solution

Author Details
"Andy Paul" is an accomplished virtualization architect, instructor, and speaker. He has designed and delivered virtualization projects for Fortune 500 companies, public and private health care organizations, and higher education institutions. He has also served as a lead technical trainer, adjunct professor, and guest speaker for multiple organizations.

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