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Cloud Computing (Free PDF)

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This is not a technical book. It is a book written primarily for a nonspecialist, although a technical specialist should benefit from reading this book in order to understand the broader impact and considerations of cloud computing. Thus no prior knowledge of cloud computing or any of its related technologies is required in reading this book. I advise strongly, however, that you read the first chapter of this book first so that we may have a shared, common vocabulary and understanding of cloud computing. This will prove useful when you read the succeeding chapters. You may read any of the chapters of the book in any order after going through the first chapter.

Series Foreword
1. Introduction
2. Types of Cloud Computing
3. Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift?
4. Price and Value Models
5. Security and Governance
6. Use Case Pattern #1: IaaS and PaaS
7. Use Case Pattern #2: SaaS
8. Use Case Pattern #3: INaaS
9. Use Case Pattern #4: BPaaS
10. Transitioning to the Cloud
11. Future Outlook
12. Afterword: What the Author Thinks
Appendix: Backup Schemes

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