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Collins Dictionary of Geology (Free PDF)

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During the past few decades, the results of particular studies have had a profound impact on developments in many areas of geology and geophysics. Certain concepts have had to be abandoned, and others modified or revised.

The concept of sea-floor spreading, the constant generation of new sea floor, offered a reason for why oceanic crust is younger than continental crust, and not older, as had been believed. The same concept was one of the ideas that was basic to an acceptance of the notion of continental drift. Both these hypotheses were later joined by the theory of plate tectonics, a singular contribution of which was the derivation or some sense of order from the distribution patterns of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Many geological terms have now been redefined in the context of the components of modern geology. Where the association is not direct, additional references are given. I am deeply grateful to Professor Donald Coates for all his help, particularly in the areas of geomorphology and glaciology. My thanks are also due to Dr. Reed Craig for his generous assistance, and to Milton Kerr for all the drawings and figures in the Facts On File edition.

Dictionary of Geology
Appendix 1: SI units
Appendix 2: Geological time scale
Appendix 3: Classification and nomenclature of igneous rocks based on the QAPF and TAS diagram
Appendix 4: Some techniques used in the analysis of rocks and minerals
Appendix 5: Suggested further reading
Illustration acknowledgements

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