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Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics (4th Edition)

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Since the publication of the third edition of this book in 2011, a lot has changed. Dramatic advances in mobile technology have resulted in the unprecedented growth of social networks. This fast- changing technology landscape has forced me to make considerable changes to the contents of the book to bring my faithful readers and students of information technology up to date.

We have updated most of the contents in a good number of chapters, added chapters with new contents and removed chapters with outdated content. With all these alterations, additions and removals, we have kept the core theme of the text the same but brought new light, and new discussion points, to the table. Although the book has been in production since 2002, when it was selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title, the core theme of the book has endured. This is a testimony not only to the quality of the book but also to the persistence and growing relevancy of the issues discussed.

The growing relevancy of the issues in the book have confirmed and solidified my belief over the years that the security of cyberspace, as it evolves and engulfs all of us, is and will always be based on secure, reliable software and hardware protocols and best practices and a strong ethical framework for all its users. If a morally astute and ethically trained user is missing from the equation, cyberspace will never be secure and, therefore, the information infrastructure we have come to depend on so much will likewise never be secure. We focus on these core issues throughout the book.

1. The Changing Landscape of Cybercrime
2. Morality
3. Ethics
4. Morality, Technology and Value
5. Cyberspace Infrastructure
6. Anatomy of the Problem
7. Enterprise Security
8. Information Security Protocols and Best Practices
9. Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks
10. Security in Mobile Systems
11. Security in the Cloud
12. Security and Compliance
Appendix: Questions for Classroom Use
Chapter Notes

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"Joseph Migga Kizza"

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