Thursday, July 4, 2019

Core Java SE 9 for the Impatient (2nd Edition)

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This book is a concise guide to Java that includes all the latest changes up to Java SE 9. Written by Cay Horstmann, who also wrote the two-volume Core Java, this tutorial offers a faster way to learn modern Java. The material is presented in small chunks organized for quick access and easy understanding.

The book includes practical insights and sample code, and is designed to help you take advantage of all that’s new, from Java SE 9’s long-awaited Project Jigsaw module system to the improvements first introduced in Java SE 8, including lambda expressions and streams.

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Chapter 1. Fundamental Programming Structures
Chapter 2. Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 3. Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
Chapter 4. Inheritance and Reflection
Chapter 5. Exceptions, Assertions, and Logging
Chapter 6. Generic Programming
Chapter 7. Collections
Chapter 8. Streams
Chapter 9. Processing Input and Output
Chapter 10. Concurrent Programming
Chapter 11. Annotations
Chapter 12. The Date and Time API
Chapter 13. Internationalization
Chapter 14. Compiling and Scripting
Chapter 15. The Java Platform Module System

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"Cay S. Horstmann"

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