Saturday, July 27, 2019

Creating Development Environments with Vagrant (2nd Edition)

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Web-based software projects are increasingly complicated, with a range of different dependencies, requirements, and interlinking components. Swapping between projects, which require different versions of the same software, becomes troublesome. Getting team members up and running on new projects becomes time-consuming.

Vagrant is a powerful tool used to create, manage, and work with virtualized development environments for your projects. By creating a virtual environment for each project, their dependencies and requirements are isolated, they also don't interfere with the software installed on your own machine such as WAMP or MAMP. Colleagues can be up and running on a new project in minutes with a single command. With Vagrant, we can wipe the slate clean if we break our environment and be back up and running in no time.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Vagrant
Chapter 2: Managing Vagrant Boxes and Projects
Chapter 3: Provisioning with Puppet
Chapter 4: Using Ansible
Chapter 5: Using Chef
Chapter 6: Provisioning Vagrant Machines with Puppet, Ansible, and Chef
Chapter 7: Working with Multiple Machines
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Box
Chapter 9: HashiCorp Atlas
Appendix: A Sample LEMP Stack

Author Details
"Michael Peacock" is an experienced software developer and team lead from Newcastle, UK, with a degree in software engineering from the University of Durham.

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