Saturday, July 27, 2019

Creating Mac Widgets with Dashcode (Free PDF)

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Welcome to the world of easy widget programming. Dashcode is Apple’s revolutionary product for automatically generating widget code. With Dashcode, you can work with a variety of widget templates and experiment with subtle changes in widget forms and properties. When you are ready to move on to more challenging projects, those same templates can serve as the base for exciting and unique widgets that you can add JavaScript code to in order to make even more functional.

The key ingredient in Dashcode is ease of use. You’ll be developing widgets in no time at all. We’ll teach you how to start with small projects, and as you expand your knowledge, show you how to add interesting features to each widget.

Widget programming fills the gap in your application needs. Once, you would either have had to purchase every application you needed or become a programmer and designed your own applications using massive compilers like those provided with Xcode. With Dashcode, much of what you need for your applications is generated automatically. Then, with a little JavaScript, you can create even more robust applications.

This book will provide many of the development fundamentals you will need to be an active widget designer and creator. But, this book is only the beginning of what you can do with Dashcode! It’s all in the word: Dashcode. Dash for fast and code for what is being written. Dashcode, fast code.

Chapter 1: Widgets in a Hurry
Chapter 2: Widgets Without Worry: Using Dashcode
Chapter 3: Widget Templates: Thinking Out of the Box

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"William H. Murray"
"Chris H. Pappas"

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