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Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution (Free PDF)

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This is an updated version of the book I wrote ten years ago to help as many people as I could to lose weight. I felt certain then—and continue to do so—that the widespread dissemination of misinformation about what constitutes a healthy diet had caused that epidemic of weight gain in this country. The book made a greater impact than anyone might have predicted. Its sales exceeded ten million copies, and it was the number oneselling diet and health book in the U.S. for nearly five years. In fact, it has been the all-time top seller in its field. Certainly of the millions of people who’ve read it, a large percentage followed its precepts, lost weight, kept it off and decisively improved their health. What you hold in your hands is a thoroughly rewritten version of that work. Having listened with care to the people who followed my weight control program, I’ve clarified and improved the “do-ability” of the practical chapters of this book. I’ve added many new case histories and a horde of new and improved recipes. Finally, I’ve incorporated information on the recent upsurge of scientific evidence. We had it right ten years ago, but now we have twice as much research to confirm the nutritional approach championed by New Diet Revolution.

Part One-Why Atkins Works
1: The Promise
2: Understanding Some Basics
3: How You'll Succeed
4: Is This You? Three Types Who Need to Control Their Carbohydrates
5: Understanding the Importance of Insulin
6: The Great Fat Meltdown
7: Is There a Metabolic Advantage? You Be the Judge.
8: The Complexities of Carbohydrates
9: Facts and Fallacies About the Atkins Nutritional Approach
Part Two-How to Do Atkins Today and for Life
10: Before You Begin
11: And Away You Go: The Induction Phase
12: Time to Review Your Results
13: Are You Ready for Phase Two?
14: Ongoing Weight Loss: The Second Phase of Atkins
15: Engine Stalled? How to Get Past a Plateau
16: Pre-Maintenance: Prepare for Permanent Slimness
17: Lifetime Maintenance
18: A Regimen to Jump-Start Weight Loss
19: Eating in the Real World
Part Three-Understanding Health and Well-Being
20: Metabolic Resistance: Causes and Solutions
21: The Psychology of Weight Loss: Behavioral Changes for a Healthier Life
22: Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable
23: Nutritional Supplements: Don't Even Think of Getting Along Without Them!
Part Four-Disease Prevention
24: The Perilous Path to Diabetes
25: Yeast Reactions
26: Food Intolerances: Why We Each Require a Unique Diet
27: Lifetime Protection for Your Heart
28: Spreading the Word
Part Five-Food and Recipes
Food and Recipes to Help You Do Atkins
The Recipes
Carbohydrate Gram Counter

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"Robert C. Atkins", MD

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