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Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project (Free PDF)

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Considering the current technology trend, Linux is the next big thing. Linux has consistently released cutting-edge open source products, and embedded systems have been added to the technological portfolio of mankind.

The Yocto Project is in an optimal position to be the choice for your projects; it provides a rich set of tools to help you to use most of your energy and resources in your product development, instead of reinventing the wheel.

The usual tasks and requirements for embedded Linux-based products and development teams were the guidelines for this book's conception. Written by active community members with a practical and straightforward approach, it is a stepping stone for both your learning curve and your product's project.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Yocto Project
Chapter 2: Baking Our Poky-based System
Chapter 3: Using Hob to Bake an Image
Chapter 4: Grasping the BitBake Tool
Chapter 5: Detailing the Temporary Build Directory
Chapter 6: Assimilating Packaging Support
Chapter 7: Diving into BitBake Metadata
Chapter 8: Developing with the Yocto Project
Chapter 9: Debugging with the Yocto Project
Chapter 10: Exploring External Layers
Chapter 11: Creating Custom Layers
Chapter 12: Customizing Existing Recipes
Chapter 13: Achieving GPL Compliance
Chapter 14: Booting Our Custom Embedded Linux
Appendix: References

Author Details
"Otavio Salvador" loves to play video games and started his free software activities in 1999. In 2002, he founded O.S. Systems, a company focused on embedded system development services and consultancy worldwide, creating and maintaining customized BSPs and helping companies with their release management challenges.

"Daiane Angolini" has been focusing on embedded technologies for the past 8 years. Since 2008, she has been working on Freescale Semiconductors as an application engineer, on internal development and porting custom applications from Android to Freescale architectures, and on customer support for ARM processors of the i.MX family, while also participating in Freescale forums.

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