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Environment and AQaculture in Developing Countries

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Aquaculture, like all interventions by humans to exploit or manage natural resources for food production, has the potential for causing environmental harm as well as for improving livelihood and nutrition. Aquaculture development must be undertaken in a broad intersectoral context, considering especially its interactions with agriculture, forestry and capture fisheries and its environmental consequences. This paper examines types of aquaculture development and discusses the concept of sustainability and demographic, political and economic factors before giving examples of recent developments and criteria for assessing others.

1. An Overview of Environmental Issues in Developing-Country Aquaculture
2. The Impacts of Aquaculture Development on Socioeconomic Environments in Developing Countries: Towards a Paradigm for Assessment
3. Aquaculture and Management of Freshwater Environments, with Emphasis on Latin America
4. Aquaculture Development and Environmental Issues in the Developing Countries of Asia
5. The Environmental Consequences of Intensive Coastal Aquaculture in Developed Countries: What Lessons Can Be Learnt
6. Aquaculture Development and Environmental Issues in Africa
7. Aquaculture Development and Environmental Issues in the Tropical Pacific
8. Environmental Issues in Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture and Wastewater-Fed Fish Culture Systems
9. Shrimp Culture and the Environment: Lessons from the World's Most Rapidly Expanding Warmwater Aquaculture Sector
10. Discussion on Latin American Shrimp Culture
11. Environmental Management of Coastal Aquaculture Practices and Their Development
12. Environmental Impact of Tropical Inland Aquaculture
13. Environmental Issues in the Control of Bacterial Diseases of Farmed Fish
14. Developing-Country Aquaculture and Harmful Algal Booms
15. Microbial Safety of Produce from Wastewater-Fed Aquaculture
16. Developing-Country Aquaculture. Trace Chemical Contaminants. and Public Health Concerns
17. Discussion and Recommendations on Aquaculture and Environment in Developing Countries
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