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Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry (Free PDF)

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The aim of this book is to interest students from pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and related subjects to the area of inorganic chemistry. There are strong links between pharmacy/pharmaceutical sciences and inorganic chemistry as metal-based drugs are used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications ranging from anticancer drugs to antimicrobial eye drops.

The idea of this introductory-level book is to teach basic inorganic chemistry, including general chemical principles, organometallic chemistry and radiochemistry, by using pharmacy-relevant examples. Each chapter in this book is dedicated to one main group of elements or transition-metal group, and typically starts with a general introduction to the chemistry of this group followed by a range of pharmaceutical applications. Chemical principles are introduced with relevant pharmaceutical examples rather than as stand-alone concepts.

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1. Introduction
2. Alkali Metals
3. Alkaline Earth Metals
4. The Boron Group – Group 13
5. The Carbon Group
6. Group 15 Elements
7. Transition Metals and d-Block Metal Chemistry
8. Organometallic Chemistry
9. The Clinical Use of Lanthanoids
10. Radioactive Compounds and Their Clinical Application
11. Chelation Therapy

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School of Pharmacy, University of Reading, UK

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