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Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design (Free PDF)

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In an ever-tightening economy, protecting assets as economically as possible is highly critical. Fire protection systems protect people, property, and mission, but they can also be expensive. Designing these systems as cost-effectively as possible requires a high level of knowledge about how they work in the built environment.

Older prescriptive-type fire protection codes could sometimes be overly conservative and therefore unnecessarily expensive. Newer prescriptive codes have alleviated some of the inefficiency, but they still might not provide the most effective designs for very specialized buildings.

The goal of this book is to explain what fire protection engineering involves and how to integrate fire protection design into an overall building project. It describes the coordination between the architectural and engineering disciplines required to accomplish the integration. And it discusses the critical interrelationships between fire protection and building design for both performancebased and prescriptive fire protection criteria.

This book does not explain how to design fire protection systems. It assumes that the fire protection systems on a building project are designed by experienced fire protection engineers with BS degrees or P.E. licenses specifically in fire protection engineering, or by those with comparable training.

Introduction: The Importance of Integrating Fire Protection Design
Chapter 1: What Is Fire Protection Engineering?
Chapter 2: Functions of Fire Protection Systems
Chapter 3: Performance-Based Fire Protection Design
Chapter 4: Prescriptive Fire Protection Design
Chapter 5: Interfacing With the Other Disciplines
Chapter 6: Fire Protection for New and Existing Buildings
Chapter 7: Writing Fire Protection Specifications

Author Details
"Jane I. Lataille", P.E.
Fire Protection Engineer
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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