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Fire Safety Engineering Design of Structures (2nd Edition)

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Since the publication of the First Edition of this book, substantial progress has occurred in Structural Fire Safety Engineering which has necessitated the production of a Second Edition. However, the author must report the death of two personally influential figures noted in the acknowledgements to the first edition, namely Bill Malhotra and Tony Morris, and the retirement of the third, Bob Anchor.

The intention behind this text remains provision to those involved in aspects of the design of structures to withstand the accidental effects due to fire occurring within part or the whole of the structure and of the tools required to enable such a design to be carried out. One of the major revisions is that the author has concentrated on the European Design Codes rather than British Standards which will in the course of the next five years become effectively obsolete. However, the designer should still be aware that any design code is subject to revision or amendment and that it is essential that the most recent edition be used, and that where this produces a discrepancy between this text and the Code, the Code must be taken as the final arbiter.

The second major revision has been due to the impact of the largescale fire tests carried out at Cardington. This has meant there has had to be a re-assessment of the behaviour of composite steel–concrete frame structures, in that the whole structure performance markedly outweighs that of single elements. Equally, there are a number of guides produced by either the Institution of Structural Engineers or the Building Research Establishment promoting Structural Fire Safety Engineering.

Preface to the second edition
Chapter 1: Fire safety engineering
Chapter 2: Design philosophies
Chapter 3: Prescriptive approach
Chapter 4: Behaviour of natural fires
Chapter 5: Properties of materials at elevated temperatures
Chapter 6: Calculation appro
Chapter 7: Design of concrete elements
Chapter 8: Design of steel elements
Chapter 9: Composite construction
Chapter 10: Design of timber elements
Chapter 11: Masonry, aluminium, plastics and glass
Chapter 12: Frames
Chapter 13: Assessment and repair of fire-damaged structures
Chapter 14: Postscript
Author index
Subject index

Author Details
"John A. Purkiss"
BSc(Eng), PhD

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