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Getting Started with Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6

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Every organization, no matter what the business involved, to achieve efficiency needs efficient people working for them. For a long time now, operating systems and applications have represented important tools in the work of these people and organizations. And if we are not capable of providing users with the proper tools, gaining an agile, dynamic, and scalable platform to provision these technologies, then we will probably affect the organization's productivity. We will also generate for ourselves, as IT workers, a lot of effort supporting end users and troubleshooting operating systems and applications installations or configurations over and over again.

In this book we will cover all that you need to know to get started with Microsoft Application Virtualization, starting with a detailed view of all App-V components and implementing existing models, reviewing all the requirements and detailed steps for the installations, and how to master the application sequencing process for simple and complex applications.

Chapter 1: Introducing Application Virtualization in a Virtualized World
Chapter 2: Understanding App-V Architecture
Chapter 3: Preparing your App-V Environment and Installing App-V Management Server
Chapter 4: Deploying the App-V Sequencer, Desktop Client, and Streaming Server
Chapter 5: Taking the Initial Steps in the Sequencing Process
Chapter 6: Sequencing Complex Applications
Chapter 7: Managing Dynamic Suite Composition
Chapter 8: Integrating App-V with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2
Chapter 9: Securing your App-V Environment
Appendix: Reviewing App-V for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)

Author Details
"Augusto Alvarez" is a computer geek and a fan of the latest IT platform solutions. He has been working with Microsoft Technet and Microsoft Academics since 2006, collaborating on different technological events.

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