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Green Chemistry and The Ten Commandments of Sustainability (2nd Edition)

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Green Chemistry and the Ten Commandments of Sustainability, 2nd ed, was written to provide an overview of the emerging discipline of green chemistry along with the fundamental chemical principles needed to understand this science. The second edition follows the first edition published in 2004 under the title of Green Chemistry: Fundamentals of Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology, from which it differs by the inclusion of an additional chapter, Chapter 14, “The Ten Commandments of Sustainability.” The year 2005 may well represent a “tipping point” with respect to sustainability. Extreme weather events, though not proof of global warming, are consistent with significant human effects upon global climate. Catastrophic events, such as Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast and New Orleans, have shown the vulnerability of fragile modern infrastructures and may portend future disasters intensified by global climate change. The tremendous shrinkage of the Arctic ice cap evident during recent years provides an additional indication of global climate change. Sharp increases in petroleum and natural gas prices show that Earth is running out of these fossil fuel resources upon which modern economies are based.

It goes without saying that sustainability must be achieved if humankind is to survive with any sort of reasonable living standard on Planet Earth. Chemists and chemical science have an essential role to play in achieving sustainability. In the chemical sciences, green chemistry has developed since the 1990s as a key to sustainability. And it is crucial that nonchemists have an understanding of green chemistry and how it can be used to achieve sustainability, not just for humans, but for all life forms as well, on our fragile planet. Therefore, this book includes a basic introduction to the principles of chemistry for those readers who may have little or no prior knowledge of this subject.

Chapter 1. Chemistry, Green Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry
Chapter 2. The Elements: Basic Building Blocks of Green Chemicals
Chapter 3. Compounds: Safer Materials for a Safer World
Chapter 4. Chemical Reactions: Making Materials Safely Without Damaging the Environment
Chapter 5. The Wonderful World Of Carbon: Organic Chemistry and Biochemicals
Chapter 6. Energy Relationships
Chapter 7. Water, the Ultimate Green Solvent: Its Uses and Environmental Chemistry
Chapter 8. Air and the Atmosphere
Chapter 9. The Biosphere: How the Revolution in Biology Relates to Green Chemistry
Chapter 10. The Geosphere, Soil, and Food Production: The Second Green Revolution
Chapter 11. Toward a Greener Anthrosphere through Industrial Ecology
Chapter 12. Feedstocks: Maximum Utilization of Renewable and Biological Materials
Chapter 13. Terrorism, Toxicity, And Vulnerability: Chemistry in Defense of Human Welfare
Chapter 14. The Ten Commandments of Sustainability

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"Stanley E. Manahan"

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