Thursday, July 25, 2019

HVAC High Efficiency Systems strategy - Code Of Best Practice for Maintenance and Operation Project - Phase 1

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This Code focuses on cost effective measures which improve HVAC operation & maintenance, delivering increased energy & water efficiencies in new and existing commercial office type buildings. Apart from increasing a buildings ‘sustainability’, additional advantages are savings in utility bills & operational costs to the building owner and tenant together with improved reliability and thermal comfort. Maintenance providers would benefit as a result of better recognition gained for proper maintenance and from business opportunities and financial incentives for adding value to existing and new maintenance contracts.

This Code identifies and recognises the importance of existing Australian and International standards and guidelines for maintenance of HVAC systems and attempts to avoid the repetition of material already published. Existing publications comprehensively cover factors for consideration when setting up maintenance contracts- including statutory requirements, occupational health and safety, reliability, occupant comfort and contract administration. For the maintenance of HVAC systems in Australia, the availability of the AIRAH application manual DA19 – HVAC&R Maintenance is acknowledged and this Code is intended to complement the advice and maintenance schedules already published in DA19.

1. Introduction
2. Key Stakeholders and Potential Benefits
3. HVAC Equipment and Efficiency
4. Building Operation
5. Documentation
6. Financial & Environmental Evaluation
Figure Index

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