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Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions (Free PDF)

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Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions is written with a hands-on approach. With actual examples for configuring and deploying Cisco UCS components, this book prepares readers for the real-world deployments of Cisco UCS datacenter solutions.

This book starts with a description of Cisco UCS equipment options and introduces Cisco UCS Emulator, which is an excellent resource for practically learning Cisco UCS components deployment. Subsequent chapters introduce all areas of UCS solutions with practical configuration examples.

You will be introduced to the Cisco UCS Manager, which is the centralized management interface for Cisco UCS. Once the reader establishes elementary acquaintance with UCS Manager, we go deep into configuring LAN, SAN, identity pools, resource pools, and service profiles for the servers. We also present miscellaneous administration topics including backup, restore, user roles, and high-availability cluster configuration. The last few chapters introduce virtualized networking, third-party integration tools, and testing failure scenarios.

If you want to learn and enhance your hands-on skills with Cisco UCS solutions, this book is certainly for you. You will learn everything you need for the rapidly growing Cisco UCS deployments.

Chapter 1: Cisco UCS Physical Architecture and Installing UCS Hardware
Chapter 2: Setting Up Lab Using Cisco UCS Emulator
Chapter 3: Configuring Cisco UCS Using UCS Manager
Chapter 4: Configuring LAN Connectivity
Chapter 5: Configuring SAN Connectivity
Chapter 6: Creating Identity and Resource Pools
Chapter 7: Creating and Managing Service Profiles
Chapter 8: Managing UCS through Routine and Advanced Management
Chapter 9: Virtual Networking in Cisco UCS
Chapter 10: Configuring Backup, Restore, and High Availability
Chapter 11: Cisco UCS Failure Scenarios Testing
Chapter 12: Third-party Application Integration

Author Details
"Farhan Ahmed Nadeem"

"Prasenjit Sarkar"

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