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Implementing SugarCRM 5.x (Free PDF)

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SugarCRM is a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It is available in both free open source and commercial versions, making it an ideal way for small or medium-size businesses to try out a CRM system without committing large sums of money. Although SugarCRM is carefully designed for ease of use, attaining measurable business results requires careful planning and research. This book distills hard won SugarCRM experience into an easy-to-follow guide to implementing the full power of SugarCRM. SugarCRM is an extensive PHP/MySQL based application, but with its rich administration interfaces, no programming is required to get measurable benefits from its use.

Chapter 1: Doing Business—Better
Chapter 2: One Size Does Not Fit All—CRM Your Way
Chapter 3: CRM Deployment Options
Chapter 4: SugarCRM Basics
Chapter 5: Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System
Chapter 6: The SugarCRM Ecosystem
Chapter 7: Managing Your CRM Implementation
Chapter 8: Linking Your Customers to Your SugarCRM
Appendix A: Installing SugarCRM on Linux
Appendix B: Installing SugarCRM on Windows Server
Appendix C: Data Import and Export
Appendix D: The System Administrator Role
Appendix E: Customizing SugarCRM
Appendix F: A Word About SugarCRM 6.0

Author Details
"Angel MagaƱa" based in Los Angeles, California, currently works as a CRM consultant helping businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of SugarCRM. He is a seasoned veteran of the technology world, initially getting his start in the CRM industry back in 1996 with GoldMine Software (now FrontRange Solutions).

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