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Information Security Management Systems (Free PDF)

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One of the key components for the success of information security certification is by using a framework. This framework acts as a tool to understand the process and technical aspects. Unfortunately, existing frameworks do not provide fixed and practical models for RISC (Readiness and Information Security Capabilities) investigation, which is investigation conducted to find out an organization’s readiness and information security capabilities regarding ISO 27001.

This study proposes a novel framework called the Integrated Solution for Information Security Framework (ISF). ISF was developed to tackle issues that are not properly addressed by existing security frameworks for RISC investigation and provides an easy and practical model for information system security according to ISO 27001. Based on ISF, a semi-automated tool is developed to assess the readiness of an organization to comply with ISO 27001 and subsequently use the tool to assess the potential threats, strengths and weaknesses for efficient and effective implementation of ISO 27001. This tool is called Integration Solution Modeling Software (ISM), which is based on ISF, to assist organizations in measuring the level of compliance of their information systems with ISO 27001. The software consists of two major modules: e-assessment to assess the level of compliance with ISO 27001; and e-monitoring to monitor suspected activities that may lead to security breaches.

About the Authors
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1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. Methodology
4. Integrated Solution Framework
5. Software Development
6. Testing the Software: RISC Investigation and SP/SQ Measurement
7. Conclusions and Recommendations

Author Details
"Heru Susanto", PhD

"Mohammad Nabil Almunawar", PhD

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