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Inorganic Chemistry (Free PDF)

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The author has tried to describe minimum chemical facts and concepts that are necessary to understand modern inorganic chemistry. All the elements except superheavy ones have been discovered and theoretical frameworks for the bonding, structure and reaction constructed. The main purposes of inorganic chemistry in near future will be the syntheses of the compounds with unexpected bonding modes and structures, and discoveries of novel reactions and physical properties of new compounds.

More than ten million organic compounds are known at present and infinite number of inorganic compounds are likely to be synthesized by the combination of all the elements. Recently, really epoch making compounds such as complex copper oxides with high-temperature superconductivity and a new carbon allotrope C60 have been discovered and it is widely recognized that very active research efforts are being devoted to the study of these compounds. By the discoveries of new compounds, new empirical laws are proposed and new theories are established to explain the bondings, structures, reactions, and physical properties. However, classical chemical knowledge is essential before studying new chemistry. Learning synthetic methods, structures, bondings, and main reactions of basic compounds is a process requisite to students.

This text book describes important compounds systematically along the periodic table, and readers are expected to learn typical ones both in the molecular and solid states. The necessary theories to explain these properties of compounds come from physical chemistry and basic concepts for learning inorganic chemistry are presented in the first three chapters.

1. Elements and periodicity
2. Bonding and structure
3. Reaction
4. Chemistry of nonmetallic elements
5. Chemistry of main-group metals
6. Chemistry of transition metals
7. Lanthanoids and actinoids
8. Reaction and physical properties

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"Taro Saito"

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