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Learning WebRTC (Free PDF)

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When I first started writing HTML code, I was excited. Here I was typing letters into the keyboard, each one giving the computer some instructions that it knew what to do with. I was excited that I was creating something and that these instructions allowed me to express my creativity. When I finally saved my work, fired up my browser, and loaded my page, I was in awe. I saw my name in big bold letters with a moving picture, called a GIF, of an animated fire.

The Web has certainly come a long way since then. This is largely due to the fact that it is not just a place to create something new, but also a platform to share and show this creativity to others. This powerful platform for creative expression is what powers the Web and keeps it growing faster than ever. It has become so popular that we are moving our entire lives onto it. Websites power your e-mail, entertainment, bank accounts, legal documents, taxes, and even parts of this book were written using web tools. It is the want to move our lives to the Web that drives the development of powerful, easy-to-use APIs, such as WebRTC.

WebRTC is one of the most substantial additions to the Web platform. It brings about an entire suite of new technologies, such as cameras, streaming data, and even an entirely new network protocol stack. It is amazing to not only see the amount of work going into the WebRTC API, but also to know that this is all free for use by any application developer out there.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with WebRTC
Chapter 2: Getting the User's Media
Chapter 3: Creating a Basic WebRTC Application
Chapter 4: Creating a Signaling Server
Chapter 5: Connecting Clients Together
Chapter 6: Sending Data with WebRTC
Chapter 7: File Sharing
Chapter 8: Advanced Security and Large-scale Optimization
Appendix: Answers to Self-test Questions

Author Details
"Dan Ristic" is a frontend engineer and evangelist for Open Web. He strives to push the Web forward with new and creative ideas using the latest technologies. He attended the University of Advancing Technology, Arizona, where he furthered his engineering knowledge and fueled his passion for the Web. He has been writing applications on the Web ever since.

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