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Mastering SoapUI (Free PDF)

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Mastering SoapUI as the name suggests is book which is all about Soap UI. The book provides the in-depth knowledge of functional, security, and performance testing on service-oriented architecture by using SoapUI. This book also explains you industry standard test automation framework based on SoapUI which are capable of invoking UI, database, and Web services. Through this book, readers would also come to know how we can leverage SoapUI for functional test automation and would learn to integrate SoapUI with tools like Jenkins, HP QC, and Selenium. We will also learn to create various reusable utilities for test automation. This book provides it readers with real time examples.

Chapter 1: Introduction to SOA Testing
Chapter 2: Functional Testing in Detail
Chapter 3: Performance Testing of SOA Applications in Detail
Chapter 4: Security Testing in Detail
Chapter 5: Test Automation in SOA World
Chapter 6: Multilayer Test Automation Using SoapUI and Selenium
Chapter 7: SoapUI Integration with Jenkins and HP QC
Chapter 8: End-to-End Test Automation
Chapter 9: Service Mocking
Chapter 10: Best Practices in SOA Test Automation

Author Details
"Pranai Nandan" is a "Tester by Choice and Developer by birth" born in the small city of U.P Bareilly India he has come a long way in his life, he started his journey of his studies with Hartman college and temporarily ended it with a BTECH in Computer Science from Invertis university.

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