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Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Practice, and Applications

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Recent progress in the determination of genomic sequences has yielded many millions of gene sequences. But what do these sequences tell us, and what generalities and rules are governed by them? There is more to life than the genomic blueprint of each organism. Life functions within the natural laws that we know and those we do not know. It appears that we understand very little about genetic contexts required to “ read ” these sequences. Mathematics can be used to understand life from the molecular level to the level of the biosphere. This book is intended to further integrate the mathematics and biological sciences. The reader will gain valuable knowledge about mathematical methods and tools, phenomenological results, and interdisciplinary connections in the fields of molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and informatics.

Historically, mathematics, probability, and statistics have been widely used in the biological sciences. Science is challenged to understand the system organization of the molecular genetics ensemble, with its unique properties of reliability and productivity. Disclosing key aspects of this organization constitutes a big step in science about nature as a whole and in creating the most productive biotechnologies. Knowledge of this structural organization should become a part of mathematical natural science.

About the Authors
1. Bioinformatics and Mathematics
2. Genetic Codes, Matrices, and Symmetrical Techniques
3. Biological Sequences, Sequence Alignment, and Statistics
4. Structures of DNA and Knot Theory
5. Protein Structures, Geometry, and Topology
6. Biological Networks and Graph Theory
7. Biological Systems, Fractals, and Systems Biology
8. Matrix Genetics, Hadamard Matrices, and Algebraic Biology
9. Bioinformatics, Denotational Mathematics, and Cognitive Informatics
10. Evolutionary Trends and Central Dogma of Informatics
Appendix A: Bioinformatics Notation and Databases
Appendix B: Bioinformatics and Genetics Time Line
Appendix C: Bioinformatics Glossary

Author Details
"Matthew He"
"Sergey Petoukhov"

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