Monday, July 22, 2019

Pro Java Clustering and Scalability (Free PDF)

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Build clustered and scalable Java-based, real-time applications using Spring Framework, Boot, WebSocket, Cassandra, Redis and RabbitMQ. In this book, you'll tie all this together with a dive-in case study, a real-time scalable chat application under differing scenarios. Pro Java Clustering and Scalabilityalso discusses how to horizontally scale the WebSocket chat application using a full STOMP broker such as RabbitMQ. 

Although this is a programming book, it also discusses many interesting infrastructure topics and tips about continuous delivery, Docker, NoSQL (Cassandra and Redis) and other related technologies.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Part 1: Usage
Chapter 1: Docker
Chapter 2: Prerequisites
Chapter 3: Executing the Project Locally
Chapter 4: Simulating a Conversation
Chapter 5: Setting Up the Development Environment
Part 2: Architecture
Chapter 6: Understanding the Relationship Between Domain and Architecture
Chapter 7: Introduction to NoSQL
Chapter 8: The Spring Framework
Chapter 9: WebSocket
Chapter 10: Spring WebSocket
Chapter 11: Single-Node Chat Architecture
Chapter 12: Multinode Chat Architecture
Chapter 13: Horizontally Scaling Stateful Web Applications
Part 3: Code by Feature
Chapter 14: Changing the Application Language
Chapter 15: Login
Chapter 16: New Account
Chapter 17: New Chat Room
Chapter 18: Joining the Chat Room
Chapter 19: Sending a User’s Public Messages over WebSocket
Chapter 20: Sending a User’s Private Messages over WebSocket
Part 4: Testing the Code
Chapter 21: Lazy Deployments vs. Fast Deployments
Chapter 22: Continuous Delivery
Chapter 23: Types of Automated Tests
Chapter 24: Unit Tests
Chapter 25: Integration Tests
Chapter 26: Splitting Unit Tests from Integration Tests Using Maven Plug-ins
Chapter 27: Continuous Integration Server
Afterword: What’s Next?

Author Details
"Jorge Acetozi"

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