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Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP

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Welcome to Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A Developer’s Guide to SEO!

Search engine optimization has traditionally been the job of a marketing staff. With this book, we examine search engine optimization in a brand new light, evangelizing that SEO should be done by the programmer as well.

For maximum efficiency in search engine optimization efforts, developers and marketers should work together, starting from a web site’s inception and technical and visual design and moving throughout its development lifetime. We provide developers and IT professionals with the information they need to create and maintain a search engine–friendly web site and avoid common pitfalls that confuse search engine spiders. This book discusses in depth how to facilitate site spidering and discusses the various technologies and services that can be leveraged for site promotion.

Chapter 1: You: Programmer and Search Engine Marketer
Chapter 2: A Primer in Basic SEO
Chapter 3: Provocative SE-Friendly URLs
Chapter 4: Content Relocation and HTTP Status Codes
Chapter 5: Duplicate Content
Chapter 6: SE-Friendly HTML and JavaScript
Chapter 7: Web Feeds and Social Bookmarking
Chapter 8: Black Hat SEO
Chapter 9: Sitemaps
Chapter 10: Link Bait
Chapter 11: Cloaking, Geo-Targeting, and IP Delivery
Chapter 12: Foreign Language SEO
Chapter 13: Coping with Technical Issues
Chapter 14: Case Study: Building an E-Commerce Store
Chapter 15: Site Clinic: So You Have a Web Site?
Chapter 16: WordPress: Creating an SE-Friendly Blog
Appendix A: Simple Regular Expressions

Author Details
"Jaimie Sirovich"

"Cristian Darie"

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